Best antivirus app for Android mobile

Best antivirus app for Android mobile:- Hello, friends In today’s post we will know which antivirus app is best for Android mobile and why we will also see why the antivirus app is necessary for our mobile. The problem is that, when searching for antivirus on the Play Store, all the antivirus app starts appearing, it is difficult for us to recognize which of them is good.

That’s why we wrote this post, which has been told about the very best antivirus app, which gives full motivation to our mobile. But the question is why antivirus is necessary for mobile, first of all, answer this question.

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Why is Antivirus Important –

If you are looking at this post, then you must have come to the question that why the antivirus app is necessary for our mobile. You run the Internet from the mobile but you do not know that most of the viruses are present on the net, which can completely degrade our device and destroy our required file data so that the antivirus app will be able to Protect from viruses and do not allow viruses to enter our device.
The second thing is that you share many files with others like sending music from mobile to mobile, etc. But you do not know that the mobile from which you are sharing data is a virus or not that your device is harmed So that antivirus protects us and prevents other device’s virus from coming into your mobile.

The third thing is that you download many game app movies, video music, etc. If any of them are threatened with a virus, then antivirus alerts you that it threatens your device.

There are many things in it that protect your device such as keeping your mail secure. Telling the location of the device etc.

Best antivirus app for Android mobile

I think now why you need to understand why antivirus is necessary for your mobile, let’s see some excellent antivirus that you can keep in your phone-

1.Avast Security And Antivirus:

Talk about Avast Antivirus, it’s a very popular antivirus that removes the package for our computers other than mobile. It completely proxies our mobile. If you want to keep your antivirus on your mobile, then this is the best option for you. In it, you get great options like RAM Boosting, Junk Cleaning, Call Blocker, APP Locking, Firewall, which is great for your Android device.

2. Kaspersky Internet Security

It is a very fancy antivirus that is used for mobile as well as for computers. Its rating is also very good in PlayStore. The best thing about it is that you keep completely safe while driving the internet, that means your device remains completely protected. If you use the Internet more then by my calculation, try using Kaspersky Internet Security.

In this you will have the option of blocking the call and keeping your password secure so that your personal information is not known to anyone else, it also has an option of locking the app and also helps in locating the location when the handset is lost. is. There are many more similar tools available that are great for your Android device.

3. McAfee Mobile Security-

Like Avg Avast antivirus, it also comes with different versions for computers and mobile, which is very good and reliable. In this you will find Free Virus Cleaner, Lost Phone Finder, which is lost and useful for mobile and the mobile location is detected. Options like Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, Virus Removal, SMS Backup, Contact Backup, and its rating are also better on Google PlayStore. You can download it and take advantage of its tools.

4. Security Master – Antivirus-

This antivirus is very good for many features, including you Junk File Cleaner, Battery Saver, Virus Remover, Phone Booster, CPU Cooler, App Lock, Message Security, and many more features.

5. AVG Antivirus-

AVG Antivirus also comes with mobile as well for computers, which is very famous and reliable. In this you get the help of Call Blocker, Hide privet documents such as Image Video App, etc. and also lets you lock this app. This allows you to completely scan your device and remove the virus even if you get it. You can also see which site is safe while running the Internet. And together with the browsing history, you also have the option to clean it. And there are many tools in it that make it the best antivirus line.

6. CY Security Antivirus Cleaner-

CY Security Antivirus Cleaner also places a place in Best Antivirus and Mobile Safety. There are many features in it so that you can take advantage of it by installing it on your mobile, you will get the option of Malware, Spyware, Trojans, Virus Scanning, along with this option of cleaning which increases the life of the battery and it is much longer It also has a Junk Cleaning option.
It also scans your SD card, as well as removes loose files and files that are empty so that space is created in the memory.

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