Computer Slow Due To Dual Monitor :- Solution

Now every person has got multitasking, so if you do your work on a computer then it is possible that you will want to have a monitor not working, so put dual monitors so that multitasking can work but your mind Must have a question in that

Yes, if you use up dual monitors, then in your mind this question will surely come:

  • Can be slow
  • Will Dual Monitors

So my dear friends are the answer to this, yes, if you use more than one monitors for yourself then your PC may be slow, so read this post so that you can understand the reason of being slow and then tell you in the last How can you solve this problem and how can you fix the problem by knowing the cause of the slowing of the PC and if you like these articles, then share with your friends so that they can help.

When you use more than one monitor, in the first place your GPU also has an effect, so if your laptop or PC does not have a good GPU, then your PC will slow down.

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There can be another reason for this, as the screen size of the monitor you have will vary, in fact, it is that when your PC / Laptop has to adjust the content according to the screen for different size screens. So in Aise, the computer needs more resources so your PC gets slow.

Computer Slow Due To Dual Monitor

Friends, as you know, it is very easy to use dual monitors in Windows 10 as if you can set up your monitor just like a simple shortcut key, such as Windows key + P is a shortcut that lets you easily Set up your dual monitor in Windows 10.

I would say to you that if your computer has less RAM or Graphics Card, then it will be good if you do not set up big screen dual monitors because I have done this myself and when I used it in my premium laptop So there was no problem due to the dual monitor but in the simple PC it was so slow that the web browser was not running properly.

Does Dual Monitors Affect Performance

If the performance of the computer speaks about whether the dual monitors affect your system performance then yes too much affects the performance. In the beginning, you will not understand that a good PC or a laptop was running and why it slowed down but you knew little that the computer also slowed down by expanding the screen because when the resolution changes, your Both of the computers have to work for the screen. Now the reason is understood, but you have to understand how to solve this problem?

I am telling you the method that I am telling you from my own experience, so you will try my method and if not then I will comment so that I can solve your problem.

First of all, if you have a driver in your computer, update the driver software to the latest up to date, so that if the driver is updated, then the computer will probably work correctly.

If your computer does not have a graphics card, then I would say that the graphics card should be installed and if your computer already has a graphics card but still is slowing down, then first delete the old graphics card drive and better After clearing everything from a cleaner application, restart it again and then install the latest driver of the Graphics card and then optimize it by going to the setting properly.

Now if your computer does not have RAM, then there are pro tips for you to do more on your computer’s RAM today as if you are running Windows 10, then keep at least 8GB of RAM.

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