Control Sugar With These 4 Steps

Control Sugar With These 4 Steps:- When diabetes occurs, many people find home remedies and tips for Sugar Control. But home remedies cannot be eliminated from your root sugar.

“Home remedies usually only help to increase fiber,” says Doctor Sylvia Arena, Sitaram Bhartia’s Consultant Endocrinologist.

Make a diet chart with the advice of your doctor and keep in mind the steps to control it.

1. Treat medicines and medicines

Your glucose is controlled by a variety of oral medicines. Some medicines are consumed before or after the meal, and some have no relation to food.

Your doctor may also ask you for the injection of insulin in place of the medicine.

The medicine of a variety of diabetes stimulates your digestive tract. Taking this before ½ hours of food benefits.
The consumption of diabetes medicines depends on your condition and glucose level.
Some medicines are also consumed during eating. These medicines reduce the effects of glucose present in the diet.
Some types of insulin injections work for 4-5 hours a day and are taken 15-20 minutes before meals.
There are some types of people who take a day before or after breakfast because they work for 24 hours.
Eat medicines properly by the advice of your doctor.

Use a device like Glucometer because it makes it easier to keep an eye on your glucose.

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2. Walk regularly for 30 minutes daily

“Include half-an-hour walking in your daily life. Walking 5 days a week is as helpful to your body as you go to a gym or swimming pool. ”

“Do not sit in front of the computer in the office for a long time. According to the ADA, a simple solution for better sugar control is to walk a little for 30 minutes or stretch your own seat.

3. Eat more nutritious diet made from whole grains
Avoid high carbohydrates and starchy foods such as almonds, pasta, rice as they increase your glucose level quickly.

Ask your dietician about ‘carb-counting’. This is especially useful when type 1 diabetes occurs.

Reduce the food for proper sugar control. If you eat out for some reason, please consider these things –

It is important to pay attention to cooking methods. Avoid over-cooked food or creamed foods.
While eating, use ‘food plate method’. Keep in mind that there are 2 servings of vegetables in your plate, 1 serving protein such as lentils, paneer or egg, and 1 serving grains like flour, jawar, millet.

Consumption of meat should be consumed by roasting instead of korma or gravy.
Eat salads while eating at meals. By eating salad, fiber increases in your body and prevents glucose levels from growing unimpeded.
The junk food diet damages the body very much. In the processed or packaged diet found in the market, there are harmful fats.
Eat fruits, buttermilk, sprouts or boiled eggs to eat light snacks. These will be better than conventional food such as chips or biscuits.
Burn calories by exercising on the next day after eating out on the outside.

4. Have patience on your weight

“Pay attention to your weight. Lower your weight, your body becomes sensitive to insulin, “said Dr. Sylvia.

In addition to Sugar Control, weight monitoring also improves cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It is also helpful in fixing PCOS such as Hormonal problems.

Importance of Sugar Control

Sugar control in diabetes is important as soon as possible. Do not delay your medical treatment with your doctor.

Sugar control from the right time
“Home remedies for sugar are not beneficial for diabetes, and only time is spent.”

Changing the lifestyle of the right time in the pre-diabetes stage can bring glucose to the normal level.

Prevent long-term complications
Sugar control also reduces the risk of other complications related to diabetes such as –

Problems of nerves (neuropathy)
Kidney disease (nephropathy)
Heart disease
Eye disease (retinopathy)

With no control in Sugar Control, you can be affected by them in 5 years.

Lifestyle improvement

Diabetes is a genetic disease. This means if someone in your family has diabetes, then you are more likely to have this disease.

In such situations, changing lifestyle is also important. Make changes in your diet and take care of your sugar level and weight.

“Sugar control can lead to diabetes under control, but this disease can not be eradicated from the root.” Before symptoms of sugar increased, get medical help from your doctor and get proper treatment.

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