Headache treatment and easy home remedies

Headache treatment and easy home remedies:- Nowadays everyone has less time and more work. In such a situation, people do not pay attention to their health and the resultant body becomes the home of small diseases. Even if these diseases seem normal, but take it seriously afterward. Headache is also one of these diseases. Many times the headache gets so high that people start taking up the headache medication. Later these drugs have a bad effect. Therefore, it is better to take medication that home remedies for headache are made. Today in this article we are telling you home remedies for headache and headache.

Before knowing the symptoms of headache, it is important to know what is the headache and what is its symptoms? Headache is the human nervous system i.e. the nervous system and the neck related problems. Usually when you undergo any emotional or physical stress, then this problem appears as a physical reaction. Nowadays the headache is a very common problem, but if the meditation is not given during the time, then this problem can increase.

Headache treatment and easy home remedies:-

Now is the time to know the type of headache Not necessarily need a doctor and medical attention in all headaches and it is not necessary that all the headaches are normal. Therefore, we are talking about some types of headache below.

1. Tension headache

This is the most common headache. In this type of headache, the person feels the acute pain on both sides of his head, like someone is pressing the rubber band from both sides. Due to such headache, neck and shoulder muscles become very tight and feel swollen.

Reason: This kind of pain is caused by stress, lack of sleep or injury to the head.

Note: Stress-related headaches can also be exposed to cold air. When the winter comes and the cold air moves or the air comes in contact with the air condition, when the air appears on your neck and head, this condition can also be a headache. Physiotherapy can be quite beneficial in tension headache (1).

2. Migraine

The pain in migraine occurs on one side of the head, which is also called alfalfa. In this headache, the patient may have trouble with nausea, vomiting, and light. In this, the patient feels pain like sticking something in the head.

Causes: This headache can be due to the sharp aroma, changes in gold currency, changes in hormones, consumption of alcohol, stress or even loud noise.

Note: Apart from this, this headache is also done with the consumption of certain foods, such as fruits like chocolate, dairy products, groundnut and citrus (2).

3. Cluster headache

This kind of headache is quite acute and painful. Cluster headache can occur several times a day but does not occur for a long time. Sometimes it starts at any one time, like – if it starts in the morning, then for some time it will be in the morning only. This pain can occur at one side of the head and one eye, because it also affects the nerve of the face.

Reason: It can be due to heat, exhaustion, smoking, alcohol intake and excessive or high light

4. sinus headache

Pain in the sinus is felt in the front part of the head and on the face. This type of headache occurs when the sinus cavity occurs in the cheeks, nose, head, and eyes. This headache becomes even more intense when the person bends forward or bends his head after rising in the morning.

Causes: This headache occurs when cold falls, cold winds move, cold, fever, dust, excessive pollution or any infection (4).

Knowing the type of headache, it is important that you also know the cause of headache.

Causes of Headache

Above we have told about four types of headaches. Now let us know what are the main causes of the headache. Below we are telling you about some common, but serious causes, which you rarely have noticed.

  • Tension
  • Head injuries
  • By starving
  • With a loud voice
  • With a strong light
  • With cold air
  • With a lot of heat
  • With hormonal changes
  • By having a disease like a migraine, sinus
  • Lack of sleep
  • Exhaustedly
  • With fever or chills
  • Having eye problems
  • Talking more often on the phone
  • Having a serious illness
  • Contact with dust or soil or pollution
  • Working longer on TV, computers or laptops
  • Not taking essential nutrients

These were some of the reasons that lead to a headache. In such cases, if the headache medication is taken, again and again, it is not good for the health. It is important, therefore, that you take some such measures, which do not have any effect on your health and your headache also gets cured. So, below, we are telling you home remedies for headache, which will not only cause you pain in the headache but also have no effect on you.

 Cold or warm

Many colds or heat causes headaches to occur several times. It is better to take a headache medication in such a way that you have home remedies for headache. Sycamore is one of those same remedies.


  • Pieces of ice
  • Hot water
  • Ice bag
  • Hot water bag
  • How to use

If you are having trouble headaches in summer, then keep ice pieces in ice bags for 10 to 15 minutes on your forehead, neck, and back.
If you do not have an ice bag, then keep the pieces of ice in a cloth and keep them in a painful place for a little while.
If you are getting a headache in the cold days, you can warm the water and put it in a hot water bag and bake it.
If there is no hot water bag, then soak the towels or clean clothes in warm water and bake them in a painful place.

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