How to create a Voter id card and apply for voter id card

How to create a Voter id card and apply for voter id card:- If you are 18 years old then you should apply for identity card because getting an identity card has many benefits like you can vote with your identity card and prove your identity. Let you know that the Voter ID Card also works as an identity card. It is issued by the Election Commission. The main purpose of creating this card is to identify and cast a vote. When a person turns 18, he becomes eligible to vote. In such a situation, the person also has the responsibility to make their voter id card as soon as possible and if voting is ever done then the person should also participate in voting.

How to create a Voter id card and apply for voter id card

A vote also plays an important role in any election, hence the Election Commission also insists on creating a new voter ID card, so that more people can participate in the elections and they can become their government according to the people. People have forgotten the identity card due to the arrival of the Aadhaar card because now the Aadhaar card is now being used when the identity card was required. In this case, the identity card is now used only for voting. Although many government jobs still require an identity card, if you do not have the ID, you can apply online for it.

How to create a Voter id card and apply for voter id card

There are two main ways of forming an identity card in which the first method is to contact the nearest election officer while in other ways you can apply online for your own voter ID card. By the way, both ways of formulating an identity card are quite simple. In the first place, where you have to give an election official a document that proves his identity, whereas, in the second, you have to upload the identity of the identity document. Here we are going to tell you both ways, you can adopt whatever method you find easier. The point to note here is that in order to form an identity card in both ways, you should have a document proving your identity and only then can you apply for an identity card. So let’s find out what documentation we need for this.

What Need to Apply to Voter ID Card

If you have a document in the document below, you can apply for voter id card.

  • Ration card
  • Aadhar Card
  • water bill
  • electricity bill
  • Bill of telephone
  • Rent agreement
  • Berth certificate
  • Marksheet of 8 V or 10 V

How to make a voter id card first

You will have to go to the Election Commission’s official website NVSP¬†when you open this website, you will see its homepage as shown below. If you want to apply for the identity card, you have to click Apply Online Registration for New Voter.

How to create a Voter id card and apply for voter id card

After this a new page will be open, it will be a form in which you have to fill the right information. This is a big form which we will try to tell in some steps.

step 1

How to create a Voter id card and apply for voter id card

First of all, you have to select your language. Select any language you want to fill in the form. You can choose anyone in Hindi or English.
Now you have to select your state, district, legislative assembly / parliamentary constituency.
If you are applying for an identity card for the first time, then select ‘As the first time voter’.
If you want to transfer from an assembly, select ‘due to transfer from another assembly constituency’.

Step 2 mandatory specifications

Next to the name you have to write your name on the left side in English while writing on the right side is Hindi.
If you have a nickname then the nickname in English and Hindi
Enter the name of the applicant’s relative.
Wrote the last name of the applicant’s relative.
Select what your relation is to your relative.
Now you have to select your date of birth.
Select Mail or Female in the applicant’s Gender.

Step 3 Current address, whose applicant is nominally resident

Here you have to write your full address to write that address in this form wherever you live.

Planet Number means Mean House Number Written.
Wrote the name of the street, area or place.
Name the city or village.
Write post office name
Postcode to the post office.
Select the state.
Select the district.

Step 4 Applicant’s permanent address

If your permanent address is second, write it if it has the same address, then right-click on ‘Right above’ on the top right of the form.

Step 5 Alternative Specifications

If you are helpless or disabled then tick the box according to your disability, if there is no disability, do not tick any box.
If you have an email ID, do not write it then leave it blank.
Write your mobile number
Upload step 6 assistant document

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