How To Create Paytm Account :- Send Receive Money

How To Create Paytm Account: -Today there is a lot of emphasis on the digital transaction. For this, almost all banks are also offering internet banking and mobile banking facilities to their customers. Today the use of e-wallet has also increased significantly. If you are not using it yet, or you do not know it then smartertrick will get complete information about Paytm e-wallet. Step by step will tell you how to use Paytm. So let us know in this post how to create an account on Paytm.

If you want to use paytm e-wallet then the first step is to create an account on it. Which is very simple and will be created in just a few moments.

One thing is that you can use it on both computer and mobile. Here I will tell you the information about using Paytm on Android Mobile.

The application is available on Google Play Store to use it on Android Mobile. You will not have any problem in using that. So let’s first know how to download the Paytm?

How To Create Paytm Account

For this, go to google play store and type paytm in the search box and search. Then install it on your phone. Or it has a download link below, from here you can easily install in the phone.

I hope you have not had any trouble downloading the Paytm. If there are any kind of problems, then in the comment box below. Your full help will be done.

Now its next step is to create an account. This will take you just five minutes. Let’s give step by step information on account of paytm.

Complete information on making an account on Paytm

You have already downloaded the application, now open it. The first option will come in front of you. You choose a language according to your convenience. I have selected Hindi. After this, tap on the bottom and tap.

Here either you log in with your Facebook and Google Account or open a paytm account with new details. It would be better if you create an account with new details. For this, go to the option to open a new ChatmA account below.

Put your mobile number first in the next step. After that enter the password in the minimum 8 digits. How to create paytm password? See it for this – M6ch853 # Something like this. Now fill out your email ID. Check all the details once and then tap on sign up below.

Now you will get a one time password (OTP) on the mobile number given. Which you can see in the message box. Fill in the box with the Enter OTP, then tap Done below.

In this way, the mobile number will be verified in the paytm account. Similarly, please verify your email. For this go to the mailbox and go to the activation link given by Petty M.

So notice how easy it is to create an account on paytm. You are now ready to use this e-wallet. Now you have to add money to the wallet.

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