How To Sell Products On Olx :- Sell Your Old Stuff

How To Sell Products On Olx:- Hello as you might have understood from the title of the post, in today’s post, we are going to tell you how we can sell our old stuff on the Olx. Earlier, I had also told you about Quikr on which we can sell our product online. Unless we take new products, then we have the old product we do not have any of our work. And it is better to keep it that we sell it and earn some money.

Now the matter comes that we have told it and sold it so that we get good money for our product. Because sometimes it happens that we do not get the correct rate of our product and we do not sell or sell it too, due to some compulsion. That’s why we have brought this post for you, in which all you have to do is advertise your product, no money to pay you and your product will be sold easily. So first we understand what Olx is and what products can sell on it-

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What is Olx- How To Sell Products On Olx

You must have seen Olx’s Ad TV, News Paper, etc. It is an Online Sell & Buy Company that helps us sell our product through the internet. It has a website on which we impose an advertisement for our product and can purchase the product that is in need of it. In which we do not need to go anywhere. Olx has a lot of users in India, but as people are beginning to understand about its feature, its users are increasing day by day. To sell any product, we have to add our Mobile Number, Product, etc. which I will tell you next-

What can sell-

The list of what we can sell in Olx is very long but I can tell you about some important product here like: –

Laptops, Laptops, Laptops, Real Estate, Plot, Land, Cars, Electronics & Appliances, Furniture, Spare Parts, Games & Entertainment, Kitchen & Other Appliances, Hard Disk, Printer & Monitor, TV, Sound System, Washing Machine, Fridge, Camera, Computer Accessories, Household items Etc. You can easily sell on it if you have any other product than this, then you can go to Olx’s site-

Sell ​​your old stuff on Olx-

# Now that we have understood this well, then we look at how to sell the product on it. First of all, you can visit Olx’s website or by clicking here you can also go to Olx’s site-

No longer will you have in your Location do you will click on Auto Detect My Location to take itself to Location You can write your Location second option Please type your Location.

After this, a new page will open as you see in the image below.

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In this, you have to click on the option SELL. Now click on what you want to sell, as if I’m going to look like a fridge ad in it, then I will click on the option of the Fridge in the option of Electronic & Appliances.

(Note – now that you have to advertise the mobile, then you have to click the Mobile option, sell a plot, then select the option of Real Stets. Select the one you want to sell.)

# Now a new page will open on your screen, in which we have to give full product information like-

1. Photos- Add a photo of your product Now as I have selected Fridge, I will put a photo of Fridge.

2. Description – Write something about the product.

3. Price – How much do you want to sell in filling?

4. Location – If already filled, then do not fill your location.

5. Name – Type your full name.

6. Phone – Type your mobile number.

7. Now click on the option of Post your Ad in the last.

(These are different options in different products like you sell mobile, then there will be an option for brand, etc.)

# Now you will get a message from OLX on your mobile number which will contain an OTP and then click on CONFIRM’s option. Congrats one after this! A page will open in which your ad will be active in minutes. And as soon as the ad becomes active, the message will come back to your mobile that your Ad is Now Active

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# You click on the option of BACK TO HOME Now we understand the page that is open-

1. DISCOVER – When we have to take any product, we find it through this option.

2. CHATS – When people see our AD if they like it, then by talking to a chat we can talk to them as you talk about whatsapp. That is, after applying your ad, you can go to the same option and see who wants to talk about the product.

3. SELL – What this means is that I have told you above that through this we can apply our ad.

4. My Ads – Any ad you have installed will appear in this option if you want to edit something in Ad, then you can make some necessary changes to Ad.

5. Profile – You can edit your profile by going to this option like you can add your account to Facebook, Email, etc.

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