How To Straight Hair :- Follow Steps To Straight Your Hair

How To Straight Hair:- In today’s time, most people like to keep their hair straight. Most people’s hair is already straight. There are also some people whose hair is not straight.

People go to the beauty parlor and men’s parlor to straighten their hair. Their hair gets straight and they look good for some time but gradually their hair gets worse than before. It is also natural to be like this. We will tell you some of the ways here which will make your hair straight and not too bad.

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How To Straight Hair

If you try these methods, your hair will be straight and strong and soft. This method can be beneficial for those who are paralyzed with curly hair.

Click and save what hair can be saved from Dendron-

So let’s see how hair can be straightened without any loss.

1. Bathe before bedtime or wet the hair and comb it as if the hair is straight.

2. Mix a little lemon juice in coconut water and apply it on the hair properly and after 10 to 20 minutes wash the hair well and then comb.

3. Before bed, mix aloe vera gel in hair oil, lighten it lightly and apply it on the hair. Wash the hair after 10 to 15 minutes. This will make your hair straight and shiny.

4. Fill water and milk in the bottle of water spraying and sprinkle it with your hair and comb it together. After 10 to 15 minutes, wash hair and comb it again and make your hair strong and straight.

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5. Mix egg in olive oil 1 hour before bath, place it well on the hair and after one hour wash the hair and comb.

6. Mix two teaspoons of honey in one cup of milk and apply it well in the hair. After applying, leave the hair like two hours and wash hair after two hours.

7. After washing the hair with the help of the comb, divide the hair into three parts and apply clips, even if you are going to sleep.

8. If you use a hair dryer, do not use it for drying hair, only use a hair dryer if it is very important.

9. Mix two bananas together with Olive oil and one spoon honey together and make a mixture and mix it well on the hair. After 20 to 25 minutes wash the force then comb it.

10. After washing the hair, add mustard oil in it, which is not adulterated. Comb after this, so that the hair will remain straight.

Ways to protect hair from falling.

Hair Care Good Care-

Many people do not take good care of their hair. If the forces fall or fall or Dendrop’s problems then people ignore it first. But when it starts hurting the hair badly, people go to the doctor to correct it, use different oils and shampoo but it does not have any good effect. Before this problem is with you, you should take care of your hair properly. Here are some ways we are telling you here, which will benefit you-

1. Do not comb immediately after washing hair, it weakens the hair.

2 Avoid using a hair dryer on hair as far as possible, let hair dry naturally. Use a hair dryer if it is very important.

3. Do not use different types of hair Shampoo Conditioner hair oil etc. Use a good product. Which product can you ask your doctor for this for your hair?

How To Straight Hair:-

4. Protect Balo from Iron’s Appearance If any pin becomes defective, if its iron starts appearing, do not put it in the hair.

5. If your problem of hair loss is high or if you do not stop falling hair after you have tried many ways, consult your doctor.

How To Straight Hair

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