What Are Computer Viruses :- Save Pc From Viruses

What Are Computer Viruses: -When a computer speaks of a virus, then everyone has the same question in mind what is Computer Virus and how to protect your computer from viruses? So much about computers or mobile viruses, it is known that it is very dangerous for computer and mobile. But hardly anyone knew what a computer virus is, and why it is dangerous for our computer or mobile.

Friends, in today’s post, I will tell you that Computer Virus is what Virus has to do with your computer. As you all know, nowadays all the work has started getting online through internet, computer and mobile. In the era of the internet, if you want to save all the less online then it is very important for everyone to know about computer viruses.

Computer viruses are similar to computer software when we use the Internet, Pen drive and Hard Disk, it reaches one computer to another computer and installs on your computer without your consent. Computer viruses are built in such a way that once the computer is reached in the computer then it can delete all the files on your computer or your computer data may also be stolen. What do you do on your mobile or computer so far, which information can be leaked due to a computer virus?

How Computer Viruses Expands

1. Email

If you find any virus-infected file on email and you open it on your computer, the virus comes into your computer.

2. Internet

In today’s time, all people use the internet. If you download a file from the internet such as Song, Movie then your computer or mobile comes with viruses.

3. Virus Effected Pen drive

If a computer is infected with a virus and uses a pen drive in it and when the same pen drive is installed in another computer then the virus will also come in that computer.

Identifying the Virus Infected Computer

By keeping in mind some of the below given below, you can identify virus-infected computers.

  • If your computer is running slow while working on your computer, then your computer may have a virus.
    When someone works on a computer and suddenly Ashale pop-ups are coming.
  • Even if you do not want to open any software on your computer, it can also be due to a computer virus.
  • If you are looking at the same file many times and in many places, your computer is infected with a virus.
  • If any file on your computer has been corrupted or deleted.
  • If your computer’s hard disk is suddenly flooded.

Why are viruses dangerous to our computers and mobile.

A computer virus can delete all the data on your computer without your consent.

All the data on your computer can be stolen from a computer virus.

Sometimes virus attackers lock all the data on your computer and ask for money instead of unlocking it.

Money is stolen by hacking online bank accounts through computer viruses.

Viruses slow down your computer or mobile speed.

What are you talking about on the internet, all these personal information leaks?

How to Protect Your Computer and Mobile from Virus

You have come to know how harmful the virus can be on your computer. Now it comes to how to get rid of these dangerous viruses, if you follow the given below, then you can avoid these dangerous viruses.

1. Use Antivirus Program

Always use a good antivirus on your computer. If you use Windows 10, then you do not need to install Antivirus in your computer separately because the antivirus is already installed in it.

2. Do not Click on Unknowns Links

If you get a link on email or WhatsApp and you do not know about it for which work, then just click on it.

3. Backup your Computer Data

Keep the periodic backup of your computer’s data. Unfortunately, if your computer has viruses, then your data will be safe.

4. Use Strong Password

If you use any type of online account, then its password is always strong, such as password $ 134 #

5. Keep Your Software Up to date

What Are Computer Viruses:- Save Pc From Viruses

Keep updating any apps or software you use on your mobile or computer from time to time.

From today’s post, we learned that what is Computer Virus and how to protect your computer from viruses? By following some of the above methods, you can save your computer from dangerous viruses. Friends, this post of yours will definitely talk about how you feel in the comments box.

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