What Is Email Address :- Advantages And Services

What Is Email Address:- There is a way to get in touch with email, family, and friends. Email is an electronic mail that is sent from your computer to another, which can contain news, photos or files. It is quick and can be sent at any time of the day or night.

Years ago we used to take a pen and paper to write a letter to the family member or friend and it took many days or weeks to reach them.

Email is almost instant. As soon as you send someone an email, it gets right in the next moment. They read your email, can reply immediately.


Email – Electronic Mail || What Is Email Address

Email is a digital mechanism for exchanging messages through Internet or Intranet communication platforms.


The word e-mail is used when we use technology (or computer) to send and receive correspondence on one computer to another computer.

Sending and receiving correspondence is not limited to just words. You can also use email to share photos, poems or documents.

In today’s digital era, email has become one of the most popular forms of communication. In this digital era, people use written communication more than ever before.

In fact, email communication is not used only for letter writing, as well as in many social situations and professional announcements, it is used instead of telephone calls.

Information About Email || What Is Email Address

Email Basics

Email Message – Instead of using a pen to write a letter on paper, you’re using your keyboard to type an email message into an email program on your computer.

Email sending – When the email is typed and after pressing the Receiver’s email address press the Send button.

Email Transport – The email server transmits the message from the sender to the receiver.

Receiving a new mail – If you have received a new mail in your mailbox, you just have to click on it and it will have to be opened.


Terms of Email


Email means electronic mail, and emailing is the process of sending correspondence from one computer to another computer.


An attachment is a file, for example, a photo or document that is “attached” for email electronically.


When you get an email from someone and you send it to another or many others, then where does it go forward?


When you receive an email from someone and you answer it, it is called Reply.


You receive a lot of emails every day in your inbox, some of them are of work, so many things are not there. In such a way, when you delete it, that email remains in the trash folder for a few days, after which it is deleted altogether.


The email program or service where the email stores you receive are stored. You can think of it as a file cabinet for your mail.


Cc means ‘carbon copy’! Editing the ‘Cc’ field in the email address means that a copy will also be received by that person and all other receivers will see that email address.


Bcc means blind carbon copy when someone’s email address is edited in the Bcc field, then the person will receive a copy of the email, but other receivers will not be able to see his address.

What Is Email Address:- Advantages And Services

Parts of Email Messages

Generally, email messages are made up of three components –

Message envelope: Email message in electronic format.

Message header: Includes sensors/receivers that include information and email subject line.

Message body: includes text, image, and file attachments.

Advantages of Email || What Is Email Address

Instead of writing a letter, sending a text message or making a telephone call, it is beneficial to use email for the following reasons:


Compared to making a phone call, emails are fast in some cases, where you may be for extended periods of time or have to be forced to negotiate for long periods of time. Instead, if you have a quick question for someone, sometimes it is easy to shoot an email that can be answered fast.


Emails usually arrive in seconds or minutes.


Emails can be easily stored in your email program. You can access your email at any time.

A Record:

Email provides a record of communication. What you communicated with someone and what answer did he give you all its details.

Unlimited space:

Unlike texting, you have unlimited space to write as much as you want in the email.

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